About the Turkana Education Fund

The Turkana Education Fund is a parishioner initiated charity (separate from the Monthly Collection) that sponsors children in Turkana for their 4 years of secondary education. The Fund was created in 1976 by the late Doreen Bassam. As a parishioner of St. John XXIII in Geneva she felt there was a real need to sponsor the students in Turkana so that they might be able to escape the cycle of poverty and help build an economically stable and sustainable community.

The Turkana Education Fund is committed to sponsoring 25 new students each year, which means we sponsor 100+ students in total at any one time.

It costs between CHF200 - CHF500 to send a student to secondary school for one year, depending on whether he/she goes to a day school or a boarding school. Extra funds are often needed for uniforms, books and other necessities. We are now running the Fund by accepting all donations, large or small, which will help many more students to complete their secondary education. We hope that with your support we can extend our help to all students who wish to attend secondary school.